Audio refinement complete?

Hello, I am interested in buying a dedicated cd player and integrated amp with a warm sound from the same company. I am not sure of the sonic signature of the audio refinement complete integrated and cd player but they both have received good reviews. I am looking to stay under 1,000 for the purchase of both, would they be my best bet for a warm-like sound. Currently I am using my marantz dv 7600 as my cd player. How will the refinement compare to the marantz? By the way these will be driving ascend acoustics sierra ones or b and w 685s havent made up my mind thanks to all!
Can anyone reccommend a better integrated cd combo for under one thousand used?
I owned the AR Complete integrated for a few years and it is a fantastic piece of equipment paired with Jean Marie Reynaud Twins monitors. The combination was amazingly musical and smooth, but still retained detail and high frequencies.

That setup replaced one that was diametrically opposed to it, sonically - Rotel RC-980BX preamp, Rotel RB-980BX amplifier, and B&W RM601 speakers. This sounded hard and hyper-etched to me. I think a large part was due to the B&W metal dome tweeters. The Rotel amp was pretty damn good, but the preamp was fairly sterile sounding, to me.

Regarding the Ascend Acoustics Sierra Ones, the minimum recommended power is 45wpc. The AR Complete is 50wpc, that's cutting it afully close to the minimum requirements. So, close that there's a good chance you may not be able to realize the speaker's full potential.
I can't think of a better combo under 1000 dollars. I have owned the complete integrated 5 times. I owned the complete cd player once. In my opinion it is the best integrated in it's price bracket. Atleast of what I have ever heard. It is 50 watts, but I never had an issue. I did drive some tough loads with it. Revel M20, Magnepan MMG just to name a couple
Fantastic combo in my opinion. I'm not sure I would call it warm, but very exciting, holographic, colorful, and with great bass. Somewhat forgiving which may be what you're after.

Very affected by different cables.
Bigmoneyv4 : I lived with the Audio Refinement gear (amp, pre, and CD) for 6 years. It was quite satisfying, open, warm, and suprisingly detailed. However, being 'mock tube' solid state gear, it made me hungry for the real tube sound. Now I have an SET amp which I absolutely love (Art Audio Carissa). Looking back it was the best move for the money. I say go for it.
I use that combination to drive a pair of Celestion SL700s in my bedroom system that also doubles as HT with a wall-mounted flat panel screen. I have no desire to change.
Do you think it will do the sierra 1's justice though? I mean they have low sensitivity (86db)and the audio refinement can only do 50w

In your price range, the AR Complete is probably the best integrated amp for the musical priorities you've stated here. I'd say the best by a long shot.
Yes, the refinement seems like a killer integrated as far as true sound quality goes, but likely I will be using inefficient bookshelves, either b and w cm1 (84db), 685 (88db), or ascend acoustics sierra 1 ( 86db). My question is no longer adressing the quality of the amp, but rather if it was designed or is capable of driving the less efficient speaker with only 50 watts?????
My speakers are 88 db. They are monitors and I utilize diffusion more than absorbtion so my room is fairly lively. I've played my system very loud many times, but I have yet to clip the Complete.

This may be in part because the amp has very satisfying bass and drive. I don't need ear splitting decibels to achieve satisfying room pressurization.

What speakers are you using chris. Any reccomendations fro speakers to pair with the completes, I think I am set on buying them.
I have Soliloquy 5.0's and I love them. If you are anywhere near NYC you should buy the 5.3's floorstanders here on Audiogon with the newer drivers like mine. If I could get up there, I'd be all over 'em.

If you do get a pair of the 5.0's, I can give you advice about setup and cabling to realize their potential.

I'll have to look up the Ascend speakers you mention to see what they are.
You could try a Nad c352 or 355 Bee with one of their cdps. Nad amps are very warm with a clean mids and highs and you get a little more juice.
How bout possibly the yba ya 201, seems similar to the refinement but has 100 wpc
I am deciding whether to get the yba ya 201 integrated or the audio refinement complete, the yba goes for a little under double what the audio refinement does, is it worth the difference????
From what I read the 201 is not much of an upgrade, probably not worth paying 2x the amount. You could buy the Arcam A85 I have for sale here (shameless plug) and it would be a step up from the complete:)