Audio Refinement Complete

It seems the fuse has blown in my Complete (integrated amp) and I can't find the owner's manual. Can anybody provide the value for the replacement fuse?
I have the Alpha version of the Audio Refinement complete and the values listed in the manual are:

AC Fuse:
220V, 50Hz: 3.15A, slow-blow
117V, 60Hz: 3.15A, slow-blow
What's the difference between the alpha version and the other version ? Also, do their power amps sound like their integrated amps ?
The Alpha is an update to the Complete design, but the most excellently written manual says it better. :-) I've never heard the power amps so I can't comment.

"Complete Alpha Series is YBA's latest upgrade of it's Audio Refinement range to components. Through careful selection, matching and tuning, YBA modified the original "Complete Series" to show a vast improvement on an already acclaimed design. YBA accomplished this by carefully modifying the PCB base material with higher conductivity copper, paired with a stronger dielectric. In addition, the structural resonant was further suppressed through months of tedious fine-tuning and testing. Finally, the power supply was overhauled and upgraded to higher quality silicon steel and now uses even higher purity copper wires.

Overall, YBA's skill, ingenuity, and attention to detail have advanced the performance standard of the Complete Series making the new "Complete Alpha Series" superior to it's original design, while staying true to Audio Refinement commitment to it's discerning customers and the exclusive sonic signature and musicality that is the hallmark of YBA."
Does the Alpha series retained the midrange of the original ? I used to own the original and i'm still kicking myself for not keeping it. This hobby is crazy to say the least.
I have a YBA 3 DT power amp and it's one of the nicest ss power amps out there within it's capabilities. You can push it with inefficient loudspeakers but if your not a headbanger it's sweet. You find them for sale on AA every once in awhile.

Dunno if it makes a big difference to you or not, but I think the main thing with the Alpha version is that it has a preamp out, and the original does not.

It's hard to imagine anything beating this integrated in that price range.
I have the Alpha version and it is both aesthetically beautiful & refined. Very tonally balanced! It's a highly seductive sound for jazz & movie soundtracks. Somehow, I prefer this balanced sound to 845 tubes which put out about 20 watts. Great 300Bs are another subject, kind of like being in church, without the dogma... Audio Refinement Alpha is a great value for SS tube-like sound!