Audio recorder/server?

i have my house wired with sonos and it is great for background music. My listening room is on my 3rd floor and I have a good b+/a- system.  Sonos can access my stereo upstairs. Most of my CDs are on iTunes and sonos can access them anywhere in the house. 

My issue is my albums. A 3rd floor listening room is great for listening but trekking up and down 3 floors is a pita to change vinyl every 20 min or so.  This matters most for parties where we are all on floor 1.  While I subscribe to Spotify and can get lots of tunes, there are way too many on vinyl not available thru Spotify. 

Is there a good recorder for lps?  I am thinking a server type of device that can record in hi def maybe 88k or 96k 24 bits and can recognize music enough to creat a track list.  Ideally it will have tons of storage or a usb connection for external drives. 

And it wouldn't be bad to archive very collectible stuff so expensive albums don't get worn out. Therefore good converters are a must.  


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