Audio reciever advise HELP

I am looking for a 7.1 receiver that needs to do the following...

3 optic ins, 1 from satalite box, 1 from a dvd player and another for my HTPC. The one for the htpc can be a SPDIF component digital kind

3 hdmi ins one for each of the above as well

My Htpc has a dvi out and I will use an adapter to Hdmi. I have used this directly to the tv and it's worked fine but will there be problems doing this through the reciever?

I will not be using blue ray and my tv for now is only 720p. I have a hd dishnetwork system.

I was looking at this ONKYO TX-SR606. Any thoughts or suggestions?
I am hearing lots of people bad mouth the Onkyo 606... I hear good things about the pioneers and denons.
I would prefer it to be silver and around 500 bucks. Needs to have 3 hdmi inputs and sound pretty good. Ideas?

Another question, I see some recievers that have HD master decoding. Can that be used at all if you DON'T have a blu ray player?