Audio Racks - Steve Blinn, Core Audio, Adona

I need to replace a twenty year old Target rack with something that will hold more equipment. My budget is $2500.00 or less. I like the way the Core Audio racks look, but would need to buy two and place them side by side. Steve Blinn's rack comes in a double wide and would be acceptable also. Adona has racks in this price range also, but as far as appearance, they would be my third choice. Anyone have an opinion on which one of these would be the most stable, and provide the best sonics. Again, I like the looks of the Core Audio stands, but since I would have to buy two, I would have to put my amp on either the right or left rack. With Steve Blinn's racks I could center the amp on the bottom shelf. The system is all digital, no turntable.
I don't think, that you will have to pay a "sonic price" using two racks but if the look is troublesome to you, then go with the Blinn and feel comfortable.
It is a pity that there was a rack maker (user name was solidwood I think) who made some great amp stands for me. But he no longer seems to be in business, although I am unsure of this. His "made to order" racks looked just like the Core Audio racks.
In all cases I would take advantage of the Edensound fixtures for sale here on the Gon. He makes, Pointed brass feet, heavy feet, Isolation cones, wieghts etc. They are excellent and as good as they get. He made a set of very heavy brass feet for my tube. preamp which dampened it just the way I hoped it would. (no conflict of interest)
I am very happy with a Mapleshade Samson.It is solid and very well built. They will custom configure, and stain the wood to your request. Information is on the Mapleshade website.
Allenjohns,Go with the Core Audio.Two racks are easier to move around should the need arise & as two will sit lower to the floor than a single tall rack you're less likely to have a tip over.Also I don't think anyone makes a better looking or built rack!JMHO.
Spend a little more get SYMPOSIUM ISIS one of the great racks wonderful isolation.