Audio Rack Selection

Putting together a new system and an upgraded audio rack will be part of the package. Would love to know your thoughts on the issue? Is there a true need to buy upper tier racks?

The rack will need to hold a McIntosh C2600 preamp, 2 monoblocks, power conditioner and a turntable. Flooring in the room is hardwood.

Would love your thoughts and recommendations.

But what if you have an audiophile with carpenter skills who can build the same rack as a non audiophile? Does one need to go to NASA or be trained there to determine what's the best solution?

A lot of this is nitpicking in the extreme

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Just constrained layer damping, nonoise. That, and an irregular shape.

Some few materials have constrained layer damping built in, like Panzerholz, or, to a lesser extent, slate, or Baltic birch plywood. The trick is to put two materials with different speeds of sound, in intimate contact, like hardwood and elastomeric glue. I used 2 1/2" of Baltic birch in three layers, bonded with elastomeric glue, bonded to a topping consisting of an inch of slate. Slate itself consists of very thin layers of rock, which reduce sound transmission and resonance.

The very best shelve material is Panzerholz, which I used in the plinth of my DIY turntable. So I have three different non-resonant materials, with different properties, which prevent resonance.
When I removed the 3" cherry blocks from under my equipment and placed directly on the high performance acrylic shelves of the pARTicular Novus rack I experienced more detail, crisper, better sound stage and improved bass response. I have no affiliation with pARTicular other than a satisfied customer.
Constrained layer damping is what I use. The difference is not dramatic, in fact subtle, but it can be heard. 

What I use with my locally built audio rack is Les Davis Audio pads.

The product looks different from when I got mine (circular, not square) but they appear to be constructed the same.

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+1 for HRS isolation and Nimbus on heavy wood furniture 

get those mono blocks out near the speakers!!!!!