Audio Rack Opinions

After a fair amount of research, I have landed on 3 candidates for upgrading my audio rack:

  1. Symposium Acoustics Foundation Ultra 
  2. Core Audio Plykraft 4L
  3. Butcher Block Audio Rigid Rack with 4 shelves 

This will be used with the following system:

Palmer 2.5i Turntable

  • LFD NCSE Mk3 amplifier
  • Sutherland Little Loco phono stage
  • Oppo UDP 203 CD player
  • Palmer turntable power supply
  • This sits on hardwood floors to the left of my Harbeth speakers which are Tontrager stands

I am not in the market for a $10k plus rack, but would love to hear opinions on the above racks or any other suggestions  


Thanks in advance  



That Plycraft is $3700. I'd be off to the lumber yard to build my own for 10% the cost or even stack up a 3" maple butcher block on some concrete blocks. Which is exactly what I did. Sounds so much better than the steel frame and granite unit and the heavy oak ones I used before.

SRA scuttle is what I have.  It actually made a significant difference to the sound, more than I expected which was weird considering it’s a passive component

Anyone out there wanting to hear a comparison between a so-called isolation platform versus a direct coupled platform may want to experience this video.

I have been using the Star Sound racks and platforms for 20 years now and have even installed small platforms inside my speakers under the crossovers as well as points on coupling discs under transformers. A small platform on points and discs under the main circuit board tensioned and tunable to the chassis. Pretty cool to be able to adjust the resonance point of a component much like that of a string instrument. The new company name is Home - Live-Vibe Audio - Vibration Management Products (

EBM you should contact your Buds at Symposium and ask them to offer up a platform to OCD Mikey on his YouTube channel for review. If they decide to take on Townshend or especially Live Vibe wish them luck with the 3 way shoot out. The audio result of the duel in the link below was evident on a cell phone.


Remember when choosing or designing your own rack or platform............... Isolation can only exist in the absence of matter.




If you want functional, no B.S. and not an aesthetic nightmare:

Sanus SA-AFAB Accurate Series - TV/AV Stand • Symphony Hifi

I use 2 side by side. I don't have audible vibration/footfall concerns, so even the table sits atop one.

They are a discontinued model from years ago. I think I purchased 1 back in 1989?  


I just finished a project with Arnold from Core Audio. It's also a plyKRAFT 4L.

I spent a lot of time thinking about which direction to go for a replacement to my Finite Elemente rack. I looked at HRS very seriously, along with Stillpoints, Grand Prix and a few others.

The main thing that I wanted was a very, very stable rack that I could put a Minus-K platform on to support my Spiral Groove table. A friend suggested Core. It took me a long time to actually make the call, but once I did things really clicked with Arnold.

I feel that I have a custom rack that is super beautiful and highly functional. It sets the foundation for my system. I am totally thrilled with it.