audio rack materials

Greetings--I am searching for a good quality audio rack----curious what you folks think is the best material---I hear alot about steel or aluminum frames with wood shelves that are best for vibration control--do you concur? as opposed to all wood-frame and shelves?any help is appreciated--
thanks for reading
I am a fan of as much wood as possible. Most non-electric musical instruments are made of wood and seems to me logical that a rack should be as well. Others have had wonderful success with other materials as well as combinations there of. Just my 2 cents, willing to accept refunds on it as well.
there is a site that builds an audio rack using the IKEA lack table.The table is strongly constructed yet ridged and light& oh so cheap.
SYMPOSIUM ISIS is the best.
Many years ago I built a rack using slate and all thread. Talk about vibration control, just rap your knuckles on one of the shelves. Cost me less than $100 to build.