audio rack for under $2500

under 2500 canadian
i was looking at a few of the timbernation 5 shelf racks i am looking for typical audio rack form factor, single shelf up to 5, but looking to get 4 shelf to better extend my dollar to something of good quality
aside from the obvious timbernation (i really like the visuals of their products) you guys got any other suggestions? ive been checking classifieds like CAM and havent seen much good

I have the Synergy Triple Unit SL20 A/V cabinet and it’s fantastic. Very reasonably priced too, comparatively speaking.
I have a rack and speaker stands made by Timbernation and they are  very nice. However, I've found a local carpenter that's every bit as good, uses premium lumber (maple--my favorite) and he's less expensive. What's nice about the arrangement is I tell him what I'd like and he works out a few sketches and I decide on how to proceed. What's even better is that he goes further than what I ask and adds a nicer touch to it than expected. 

For an example, I wanted a nice, retro, flat front boxer media stand with two levels, not including the top. Plain maple is all I asked for. What I got was beveled front top and bottom lips that angle inwards and some nice, African Padauk wood inlays, including the lips, from some craps he had lying around. One inch thick all around, sturdy as heck, with retro hairpin legs, and all for under $500. I'd check around for some local talent and see what you can conjure up. It would be worth the effort.

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Is Steve Blinn still around? Those are custom and below 2k. 
Float a balloon to look for one used... fully customizable NAIM FRAIM... highly recommended

I have a bespoke custom professionally-made clone that startingly made a audio sonic improvement -- that was not subtle -- over my prior MAPLESHADE SAMSON audio rack.

The latter was a good performer in its own right BUT
(a) it was butt-ugly comparably in the first place IMO;
(b) it was also bested sonically by the new bespoke unit., AND
(c) the new bespoke NF clone unit looks a LOT better IMO to boot. ( a bonus)

-- The MAPLESHADE (and similar "bulky and heavy" e.g.: TIMBERNATION ) are in the "isolation" design approach.
-- the NAIM FRAIM ( and similar e.g.: QUADRASPIRE ) are in the
" Conduit" design approach.

NAIM FRAIM review:
I had a Salamander Synergy S40 rack and moved on to a Solid Steel S3 series.  Their top S3 series is a 5 shelf rack for 999.99 and the 4 shelf is 699.00.  The acoustic feedback I was getting with my VPI Prime turntable is now a thing of the past.  Very highly recommended

I have a pARTicular Novus semi suspension rack.

Sound Anchors metal rack (pillars filled with sand), with constrained-layer damped isolation shelves (like those from Symposium Acoustics) of your choice.
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I didn’t know symposium had new stuff that was more affordable, I’ll check them out if and when I decide to get something more high end and more tuned for isolation. I decided to order from Timbernation mainly for the looks, and how well their stands would match my speakers visually. I would up ordering a custom dimension 4 shelf walnut rack, 2 inch shelves, with round posts with satin lacquer finish and gold brass cones, cost including shipping and cones was CAD $2195.
Look around for a good deal and you may find your budget will stretch further than you think.  Used stands come up on the classifieds from time to time.  You can also look around for a demo stand from a dealer.  In my case I found a store demo Box Furniture stand that was just what I was looking for.  It was in nearly new condition for $1500.  The list price was over $4000. 
Timbernation good luck with this guy hope the rack turns out ok.You can still put Symposium Svelte shelfs under your components for best sound as wood has many colorations but looks great.Good luck!!
Timbernation racks are great and the vast majority of reviews are very positive.  I just took delivery of mine a month ago and I’m thrilled. Mine has three 48” wide x 18” deep 2” thick maple shelves and solid walnut columns and weighs 125 pounds.  It is expensive to ship that much weight, but the end result is beautiful and no vibration or colorization even though it sits 3’ from a 15” Sub.

A lot of the negativity about TimberNation comes from people that have never owned one they just lock on to the few very old negative reviews they see online.