Audio rack

Looking for a nice audio rack vertical with 6 total shelves including top for turntable.
If you want a rack built to your exact specification and that is a bespoke piece of furniture check out BSR Woodworks.
Far less painful in the checkbook as well.

+1 maxwave

If you do go for solid tech, feet of silence under the rack for sure would help with isolation.

There's also the Townshend - seismic isolation stand?
Perhaps a better option is to get something you like, or BSR custom to something you like the look of on the internet, and put Townshend seismic corners under it?

I am having a two tier low level rack built for my system out of a metal frame and mesquite wood locally sourced. I have incorporated tuned mass on springs in my design. I am trying to keep it low, like when people place an amp on an isolation platform in front to not get in the way of speaker imaging - but also not have long cable runs.