Audio rack

Hello, looking to upgrade my component rack. I have a nice audio/video rack however it is not made for high end gear. It looks nice but thats about it, too much glass and beautiful looks but it shakes like crazy and the rack is especially made for my huge tv. I have looked into Usher wood rack and Salamander type racks. My budget is between $200 and $500 not looking for an MDF type rack I would like to get something with good vibration isolation control, wood and something that will fit my decor. So far I have a I have an integrated tube amp, tube cd player and a TT.

My video components will be housed separately from my audio compononets. Looking forward to some good recommendations. Thanks in advance!
Used Zoethecus racks come up in your price range from time to time check them out. They're out of business now but nice racks
salamander are nice, look good and are flexible to upgrade but not true audiophile for isolation

however use Silent Audio Running VR stands under your key components later and you have a serious setup that will sound very nice (that's what I did)
Buy a welded Target rack. Great for the money.
Where can i locate a Target rack?
A friend and I made mine, cost less then $100 for material and can be viewed on my system pics.
04-16-07: Audiotomb
salamander are nice, look good and are flexible to upgrade but not true audiophile for isolation
Tom's right.

Replace the Salamander stock shelves with two (or three, or four) custom sized Neuance shelves ($220/ea) under your source and preamp or integrated amp, put sorbothane between the shelf supports and shelves and under the remaining components ($40), and for an additional $490 you have excellent isolation and unbeatable flexibility.

Of course, it's substantially over the $200-$500 budget.

IMO, if you have to choose what to isolate, then concentrate on your sources, followed by any tubed components. You're better off spending the entire budget providing excellent isolation on your primary source component than you are spending the money on a mediocre rack that will not provide sufficient isolation for any of the components.

3/4-10 threaded brass rods and jam nuts.Sheves of wood between 2-4" and a good set of feet.Many retailers carry 1.5-2" tubing to match decor.Then fill with lead (the tubes hiding the 3/4 rods).Allow enough room for components and upgrade room.