audio quest product "pyramid"

I am looking for a list of audioquest speaker and interconnect cables , old and new , listed in order of quality(price). It would also be helpfull to list the old names as they compare with the new ones. Thanks.
look at
If you bring up an Chart on your web-browser, like "Chart10.html"; go up to your address/location bar at the top of the web-browser and change the number 10 to 11, 9, 8, 7, 6, etc, etc and you can view all their old charts including old products. The related links on those old charts still work also. The links give details on each cable type.

Perhaps this will make things easier for everyone interested in viewing these charts.

Chart 11 Current Video and Digital Cables

Chart 10 Current Model Interconnects and Speaker Cables

Chart 9 Terminations

Chart 8 Sorbothane Dampening and Isolation

Chart 7 RFI Filters

Chart 6 Power Cables

Chart 5 G-Series Speaker Cables

Chart 4 Video and RF Cables

Chart 3 Speaker Cables

Chart 2 Digital Cables

Chart 1 Interconnects
I've been using these charts as a reference for awhile. It's too bad they dont have crystal, lapis and diamonds in them. Also, would be cool if they include the differences between each version. But hey, I am asking for too much, again, I know.
They do have links that take you to information explaining the differences between the cables on many of the charts. Click on the link next to the pictures.
Sugar, I was referring to the differences between the different production runs of the same cable ie Diamonds, Diamonds X2 and Diamons X3. There aren't even any Diamonds on the old charts, either.
Thanks you guys,now let me ask you this. I am currently using a biwired pair of forrest about 12 feet long. I am thinking of going to shorter runs. What would you replace the forrests with , that have similar qualities but won,t cause a divorce when my wife sees the bill. I want to stay with AQ because i am using AQ interconnects and want to stay with the brand.
Argent - this cables provides the most from Audioquest for the lowest (used) price. Silver & Copper Hybrid. It's a very good speaker cable.
I agree with Bwhite, this is a quotation from Fi January 99: "After spending an entire afternoon listening to the whole AQ cable line from the 79 cents per foot F-14 to $150 per foot Dragon, Robert Harley found the Argent occupies the sweet spot in the AQ range. That is, it offers significantly better performance than the lower-priced cables, yet comes very close to the ultra-expensive models. Wide dynamic contrast and precise spatial presentation, with a slightly lean midbass balance"
I´m using a double run of Argent between my DNA-1 dlx amp and Maggie 3.6´s with excellent results.
I agree too, but I'd jump at a chance to get some Dragons to replace my Argent if the price is right.