Audio quest niagara 1000

I was told today that a audioquest niagara 1000 power conditioner would make my amp sound better. The niagara 1000 was a $1000.00. Is there any truth to this, is it really better for my system. I have a krell kav250 and plug it into the wall not my monster 5100 power conditioner.  I know this is a new product any word of wisdom to share with me
I also had to buy power cord to plug it in to wall NRG-4 $350.00

Yes, the Audioquest will sound better than the Monster.
All Monster conditioners will steal current from your system.
I use an original Naim Wiremold power strip. Have had it forever. I have mounted mine to a small piece of maple. It contains no lights no fuses no on/off button. According to Stereophile Magazine,  AV Options sells modified Naim Wiremold Power Strips.

You can Google and search Naim Wiremold to get a professional review and specs. 

I keep my Levinson Amp plugged directly into the wall. I use the Wiremold for the CD, DVD, Preamp, DAC. 


According to the AV Options site they offer a variety of options. Even Cryogenic treating. They may be able to offer an alternative to the higher priced Audioquest unit.

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