Audio quest niagara 1000

I was told today that a audioquest niagara 1000 power conditioner would make my amp sound better. The niagara 1000 was a $1000.00. Is there any truth to this, is it really better for my system. I have a krell kav250 and plug it into the wall not my monster 5100 power conditioner.  I know this is a new product any word of wisdom to share with me
I also had to buy power cord to plug it in to wall NRG-4 $350.00

Yes, the Audioquest will sound better than the Monster.
All Monster conditioners will steal current from your system.
I use an original Naim Wiremold power strip. Have had it forever. I have mounted mine to a small piece of maple. It contains no lights no fuses no on/off button. According to Stereophile Magazine,  AV Options sells modified Naim Wiremold Power Strips.

You can Google and search Naim Wiremold to get a professional review and specs. 

I keep my Levinson Amp plugged directly into the wall. I use the Wiremold for the CD, DVD, Preamp, DAC. 


According to the AV Options site they offer a variety of options. Even Cryogenic treating. They may be able to offer an alternative to the higher priced Audioquest unit.


My TV, my 4K Blu-ray player and my NAS appreciate my Niagara 1000 and I'm pleased with the improvement. My tubed Manley Chinook phono pre amp wants to mate with it.
WOW! No need for "A" "B" comparisons. Apparently tubes LOVE my Niagara 1000.
Dissent all you may, WHAT AN UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The key to great sound with the Niagara 1000 is you have to let it warm up 24 hrs. It will improve over the next few weeks. I was ready to return mine until I was told to let it warm up and burn-in. It sound thin and bright till then. Value is out of sight and really does what they claim it does. Everything is improved and it like you added better equipment. 
Well folks I received my Niagara 1000 today. It is replacing my 12 yr old ps audio power plant premier. It was flat sounding till 4 hours passed. Then things started to happen. Audioquest says it needs to be powered on for 24 hrs. Now only 6 hrs in its amazing how my system is sounding. I'm glad I invested in it. It's much better than the ppp was.