Audio Power Industries Power Wedge 16

I have possession  of a Power wedge 16. It is not the Ultra version which I understand to have separate transformers for each outlet. I assume that this mode doesn't. l am just wanting to hear from anyone having experience with this power conditioner. I have not yet tried it out in my system. Thanks in advance for any information.
Hi mesch,

I had one many, many years ago and don't remember it to have had much sonic impact. 

Worth a try though as stringreen says.

Try it I will.
Sell it I likely will.
Still would like to hear from others experience if they will.

Should I decide to use it myself I will probably plug my digital equipment into it. Digital equipment, tube pre and SS amp each on own dedicated line. 
The API 16 provides transformer based isolation for each individual outlet, therefore, it can be current limiting if you exceed the rated input.  It did a decent job in its day, especially if used with front end equipment with low power requirements.  Excellent for digital equipment and eliminates the digital high frequencies from being injected back into you power lines. 
Thanks brf, that was the kind of info I was looking for. Was thinking the same regarding using it for the digital front end (DAC and disc player). I believe the API 16 Ultra has transformers for each outlet, not sure the API 16 (previous to the Ultra) is positioned this way. The 16 has far more outlets than I need, so outside of the additional size, the transformer to outlet relationship may not mean that much to me. As aforementioned I intend to try it out.

Anyone know about the transformer structure?
The API power wedge 116 has a shared primary for each 2 sets of isolated outputs.
It says 120 watts for the pair or one in each pair.

The 116 Ultra does have a transformer for all 6 outlets. 

I have questions about my 112 with just 2 isolated outlets posted here too.
Check under tech stuff and preamps.

The voltage is always 4 volts higher with any time of day mains at amp outlets.
This is ok as most stuff will work in the 120 +/- 5% volt range.

I called all my companies on this.
ML preamp,dac and wadia transport.
All said no problem as the stuff is regulated inside.