Audio Points / Speaker stands

I've got my 40lb. monitors mounted on sturdy Sound Anchor stands. I'm thinking of replacing the blue dots (sorbane pads) with these mini audio points - .2AP.7D. What might be your experiences with these in regard to stability and/or sound quality? Thanks!
They work well, I did that with my B&W Silver Signature's. I also tried and kept in use the 1" Audio Points because it raised the speakers up a bit for me (I'm 6'2" and my Lazy Boy is an oversized one).
To get the full effect of the audiopoints, you will need to add another set of audiopoints to the bottom of your Sound Anchor stands unless they are already coupled to the floor with spikes. The coupling theory of audiopoints is based on draining vibration to the ground, which is why the spikes are required on the stands as well as under the speakers.

The points will sound different than the sorbothane, and it's really up to you to decide. Since the audiopoints are available with a 30 day return, I'd suggest leting your ears decide which you prefer.
I tried the .2's with my monitors. Acheived great clarity and microdynamics. Bass had very quick impact with them. My speakers were remarkably stable on the stands with them too, though I'd be careful not to bump the speakers.

I ultimately ended up using Vibrapods. Gave me a rounder and warmer bass that appeals to me.

Good to try alternates to the sorbothane. It just killed the musical energy and bounce coming from my monitors.