Audio Plus Oval 9 Ordinary/Shotgun/Bi-Wire?


I own a Monitor Audio GS60 speakers and I am upgrading my speaker cables at the moment.

I have been considering Audio Plus Black 9's because basically I have seen only good reviews for those cables.

If here is someone who has previously owned GS60/own currently can you recommend any other cables to consider?

I respect for the cables to produce:
being detailed and having good dynamics,
being not too bright,
good and fast bass production

Does the Oval 9 fit good with this system? Also what should I expect if I make a shotgun or bi-wire configuration over the ordinary? Does the cost give any bang for the buck?

I would greatly appreciate your suggestions!
I like the Oval Nine a lot, but have no experience with your speakers, nor have I tried biwiring.

I think it meets your desired attributes pretty well, though it is not a hyper-detailed cable like some. It has a big, ambient soundstage, excellent bass...on my system anyway. As always, YMMV.
A well balance sounding cable not bright. One of the best value you will have to pay 2 to 3 times more to better these cables. Make sure you get the black version. To me they sound better than the original purple sleeves.