Audio Physics Virgo II's - Cabling

Just wondering what speaker cables folks have tried.
I have a set of these speakers ordered and am now in need of a new set of cables.

The rest of my system is:
Plinius 8200 mkII SS Integrated amp
Ridge Street MSE II Interconnects
Muse Model 9 CDP

Forgive me for not having much experience in the audio arena and asking silly questions, but should I aim for copper or silver cables?

I will probably need a 6-10ft run so wouldn't mind suggestions of cabling under the 250$ used mark.
I've used and been happy with Signal Cable in the past.
Hey Geoff, get in touch with Don of DCCA Audio (Agon name is virgo_ref). He makes some great power cables. But more importantly, he uses the Virgos in his personal system, and should be able to direct you with some good advice.
I second Markr,Dons cable are amazing, I have two
pc, in my system right now,I am extremely happy
with them.They are still unknown, they are
much better than the brand name I tried,of course
in my system.Remember cables are system dependent.
I remember my local dealer used ot use something called FMS. Their system sounded great with Virgo IIs, Pass Labs Aleph amps and pre amp, Wadia CDor Classe DAC1 & some transport I'v eforgotten.
the old distributor for ap reccomended fms...

i corresponded with ap in germany a while back and they wire the speakers with silver wire and voiced the speakers with wireworld gold eclipse... i did try a silver speaker cable ( audio sorcer if i remember correctly and it wasnt a good match, but adding one set of silver interconnects was pretty good ( tried the wireworld silver eclipse 5 between cd to pre) and another time the audioquest cheetah between my pre to amp...both were great individually but i never did get to try silver together...

they are pretty revealing speakers and will show any weakness in the chain... make sure you have upgraded your power cords or they will never sound right no matter what speaker cable you use...( went with audience pc's)

i have good success with soundstring speaker cables with my libra's (best so far- and i have tried at least 10 differnt cables from $250 to $2500)...

also heard the az satori was a good match(didnt try though)... btw, the dimarzio was good for the price with the libras but not the highest resolution (soft focus)

hope that helps,

Hello Geoff, Cardas Neutral Reference worked pretty good with the Virgo's. DiMarzio were also good for their price point. My DCCA cables transformed the sound into something no less than amazing. So natural yet so very very powerful. You need something that will bring out bass in the Virgo's and DCCA cables do that in spades. I found that a natural and very neutral cable worked best for me. Don O. DCCA Audio
The best way to describe the DCCA cables is they
are unfatiguing, you can listen to music for
Thanks for the responses guys!
The DCCA's are nearly double the amount I have budgeted for speaker cables, so unless I can find a used set at a significant discount I won't be able to afford them.
Also a lot of the other suggestions (like cardas Neutrals...) are 300+.
Any recommendations <250$? or is Dimarzio the best way to go?
Another set to consider, if you can find them used is Straight Wire Maestro II. New they are @$300 less than the Cardas Neutral Reference. They are well made (except the spades are easily bent), but in my solid-state system were pretty neutral, clear, had very good resolution, and did nothing to call attention to themselves. I think I was able to hear more what the rest of my system was doing than any limitations or colorations of the cable.