Audio Physics ...Bright or forward?

I have been auditioning some Audio Physics speakers and they do things I have never heard other speakers do, even more expensive ones. Their bass is very tight and defined and the musical trimbe is excellent. But I think they are forward, not bright but have a lot of presents. I am afraid they will be fatiguing over time. I have home auditioned them twice. I need to make a decision, either I buy these from the local dealer buy something else site unheard some where else. I am basically looking for someone to confirm or denigh my thoughts on Audio Physics.
I have heard only the Yaras and found them to be neutral and honest. It depends on what type of music you are listening to. I stongly believe that the Audio Physic's target audience listens to Jazz, Classical and vocals - the speakers are most suited to those genere. I have not auditioned it with other type of music.
I agre with JeffJones and Bojack, if you think they are too forward now, they will probably just become more irtritating over time, not less. This has been my experience, too.

I think you make a distinction between bright and forward, which is important. There doesn't seem to be a lot of consensus on these terms, but I see bright as being excessive very high frequencies, stuff that comes out of the tweeter only, like cymbals and sibilants (S and T sounds), while forward is excessive upper midrange sounds. like women's vocals, trumpets, electric guitars. Do others agree?
I appreciate every one's thoughts. I did not check my post well enough and it does not read right. I truly believe in supporting my local retailer. He has brought the speakers out to my home twice,(25 mile drive one way) and has worked hard for the sale. If I don't buy from him, then I must buy site unheard from somewhere, with no support, and then probably be stuck with the speakers or take a big restock hit if I don't like them. Neither of those is very appealing, I have already been though that! I was just tring to confirm what I heard, I know I should not buy just on the retailers thoughts. Yeah, I think he has a better ear than me, and is more knowledgable, but ultimatily its my cash and I know that. I am just in a tough spot.
You never mention--"how many miles,on 'em?" Most all new speakers need at least 2 months of 24/7 before a final judgement, yes?
Mike (Brm 1):

It sounds like you're working with a heck of a great dealer. That kind of customer service is outstanding and absolutely warrants support, IMO. What OTHER speakers does this dealer carry?

{{{{The only Audio Physics speakers I've ever personally heard were the old, 3 box Calderas, (retail 20 K--sheesh!) and they were phenomenal. They were "forward" only in the sense of the soundstage, which was projected in "front" of and between the speakers. They didn't seem "bright." }}}}