Audio Physic Yara vs. Revel M20

Has anyone compared these two, or have experience with both. Please give you opinions. To be used with a 30 watt tube integrated, Nottingham TT, and a cd player. Small room, maybe medium. Thank you
I happened to compare these, playing in a small room (~40) driven by a class A ss (~80W/channel). So, not very indicative of your situation. I mostly listen to and judge by classical with some blues thrown in... the cables were Nordost Valhalla.

What would you like to know?

As a personal remark, I preferred the Yara's musical presentation by a small margin. BUT this is a case where YMMV indeed!
If my memory serves me correctly. The Revels are fairly power hungry and need it to reach full potential. I would suggest the Audio Physic in your situation.

Good luck,

30 watts per for the M20s? NEVER! They require oodles to really come alive. You will feel like you're breathing through a cocktail straw with those 30 watts. The Revels are a dream if you have a 100 watts or more of quality power. I loved them, 'til I fell in love with another monitor. I stayed faithful for a year and a half. warren :-)
I actually own the M20's now. I was considering the Yara's because I don't want a top heavy design around children. I also like the foot print. I have listened to larger Audio Physics and love them. The 30 watts is driving the Revels just fine. No one is more suprised then me. Previously I was using a McCormack DNA-1. I can't begin to tell you the improvements. I have changed everything else so I am ready to try new speakers. Thanks
The Yara is a very good speaker, but the AP Tempo is even better. I auditioned both speakers side by side and think the Tempo is worth the difference in price. The increase in sound quality from the Yara to the Tempo is greater than from the Tempo to the Virgo (my current speaker). There are some good deals on used Tempo IIs and IIIs in the classified. 30 tube watts will be plenty to drive either the Yara or Tempo.

Hope you're happy with whatever you decide to get.
30w for M20s...nope ! For Merlin TSM-MM or TSM-MX...a defenite yes !!!
Almost every tube amp designer I have talked to likes the M20's with SET's - it's really more impedence than wattage. Plus that three to one tube ratio in watts. Thirty is more like 90.