Audio Physic - Yara - thoughts and info please

I have started the process of looking to upgrade my existing speakers, and happened to come across some Audio Physic Yara's (floor-standing).

I was very impressed by them (nice bass and open high end), but was not familiar with them. I am hoping to hear from others who may be using the Yara's and tell me your experiences with them and what other speakers you may have been looking at and why you went with the Yara's.

In addition, if anyone is using their Yara center, sub or surround (monitor) speakers I'd like to know how they perform. The dealer only had the front floor-standing speakers but can get the centers. I may end up using the Yara's (floor-standing) for both front and rears (for 5.1 and may go to 7.1).

Running with: Will be upgrading existing Pioneer receiver (5 X 110) in the near future to separates - but not sure what yet.
I have upgraded to Yaras about 3 months ago after owning SF Concerto, SF Signum, Quad 21L, Totem Arros, and Totem Hawks...These are outstanding for the price, very rich but conrolled bottom end, totally open and neutral....I have powered them with tube (25wpc) and SS and they are just as good, all depends on the source. Soundstage is huge.
I use a single Yara monitor as center and it kicks butt. Let me know if you need one, I have the other one for sale, cherry, as new. You should be able to find a mint pair of Yara FL for less than $1,200.

I run them with Linar 10 (5*120wpc) and it rocks, solid!!!!
Thanks for the information! The ones that I'm looking at are the light maple, but it is nice to know that the monitors are good. What are you using for your rears, and are you having to use a sub at all?
I auditioned the Yaras and were impressed by their clarity, imaging, bass (for their size), and rhythmic quality. Then I auditioned the New Tempo, which took the best qualities of the Yaras up a couple notches. I ended up buying a used pair of Virgo IIs for about the same cost as a new pair of Yaras and am completely happy with them. Moral of the story: Audio Physic makes fantastic sounding, well-engineered speakers, but not a lot people know about them. I had never heard of them when I auditioned the Yara and Tempo, but they were clearly the best sounding speakers in their price range at this particular dealer (at least to my ears).

Today's Buying Tip: A few dealers have dropped the AP line, because of a change in distributors. They have been selling their remaining stock at a deep discount. You might also contact the former distributor, Immedia, to see if they have any more remaining in stock for sale.
I baught Yara front, center and monitors, I have not hooked up monitors as yet, but floor standing and center are the best sounding speakers I have heard in a long time ( I was looking to buy 800 series B&W ).
Yara has excellent sound stage, very transparent, I love the sweet midrange, I am sure at this price point I would not have done better.
I will advice to add a sub for the movies,My sujestion would be a Yara sub or preferably a REL britania series sub.
I am using Aragon processor and a 5002 5 channel amp.
please feel free to contact me if u have more questions, I love to talk Hi Fi ( If and when I have time)
Thanks for the responses Scottz and Muhammadafzal - I'm auditioning a pair right now. So far very impressed with them. I want to see what they do on movies, but since I only have a pair of the floor standing models, I will need to use my existing center, surrounds and sub knowing that it probably won't be the best test, but it should give me an idea of how they perform.