Audio Physic with Solid State Amp

somewhere along the way, i got the impression that audio physic products work best with tube amps, and lose much of their legendary soundstage and imaging ability with solid state amps. however, i have a mcintosh 402 power amp and a mcintosh c2200 pre amp, and i am wondering how well AP products would work with this system. as my listening space is fairly small, i am most interested in the new spark or the new tempo, and possibly the padua.

i would like very much to hear from those of you who are using solid state amps with their audio physic gear. any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
dont know how it would work...

i run classe cam 350 mono's and a bat vk-30 (amperex 7308's) with ap libras... they are pretty inefficent (86 db @ 4 ohms. .. i dont know to many tube amps that can handle that load..
Hi, the system in my small study consists of the Audio Physic Step SLE monitors and the Plinius 8150 integrated amp. I've had this setup for 6-7 yrs and have not had an urge to change it. It plays music. The soundstage is well-defined and three dimensional. I've had a number of different digital sources in this setup, and this, IMHO, is the major factor affecting soundstaging and musical reproduction. Having said this, I do not know how the Mac amp will interface with the speakers. I would try an in-home audition before you put your money down, or at the least, consult with the dealer for his/her advice.
One of best systems I ever heard was a rig which included AP Avanti IIIs powered by Keith Herrons solid state monoblocks. This was a killer system. The only tubes were in the preamp. I don't think many tube amps would have the current and damping power for the Avantis.

I think AP speakers appreciate quality watts & current, whether ss or tubed.
Musical fidelity sounds really good with Audio Physics. As someone else mentioned, AP's are fairly inefficient. I've heard the virgos sound great with tubed gear, but have also heard them sound great with solid state gear.
I live with a pair of Audio Physics Tempo 3i for 3 years. My system is based on a solid state amp (Accuphase), and I have great soudstage an focus in my room.
The speakers are very good in the imaging department, with solid state or tubes. The problem is the quality of the amp not the technology used. If your tube amp sucks the sound sucks.
Because I've never heard your Mac amp, I cant comment about the combination, but I can say that the soundstage will rank between good and excellent. Try hear your amp with the speakers of your choice. Remenber that room space is important for the speakers to blossom.
More one thing - S7horton, never heard anyone mentioning that AP are fairly inefficient.
well then, since we have crushed the theory that AP products only work well with tubes, let's talk about the appropriate size speaker for my small-ish listening space. it's only about 12' x 16' - speakers have customarily gone along the long wall. with the speakers about 36" or so from the wall behind them i end up only 7' or so from the speakers. speakers are about 7' apart and about 3' from the side walls.

what AP product do you think would be appropriate? i have always wanted to own a pair of virgos, but figured it was too much speaker for this room. i have been thinking about the new Spark - i thought the old Sparks were great! also thinking about the Tempo IV's.
I own Audio Physic 3i and run them through solid state Edge Electronics G1 preamp and G4 amplifier with a Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player. The sound is fantastic, but please keep the following in mind: Audio Physic speakers are like that kitten in the fancy feast commercials- they require nothing but the finest surroundings and associated equipment to be happy and sound their best. The speakers are capable of enormous sound stage for their size, warm tight bass, and clean mids. The Tempo's sound gorgeous with Jazz and Classical music and anything that originates from organic instruments or clean analogue electronic sounds like Kraftwerk, for example. I don't recommend them for dance music as they don’t have the “slam” in the bass department. If you skimp on cables, amplification, or the digital source the speakers will be unhappy (think about the cute white Persian cat with the rhinestone collar) and they will sound thin, edgy glaring, and lacking in the bass department. I have seen several a’goners complain that the AP speakers lack bass. This is not true with the proper associated gear. The tweeters are very crisp- almost too bright unless you have good supporting gear. Most importantly, you must have a good, warm digital source with a good DAC and power supply. Finally, like most speakers the Tempos have a “bloom” volume that they sound their best at and louder doesn’t usually deliver higher quality sound. I really like the Opus 21 because it has a separate volume control. The bass is more complete with the preamp volume up high and the cdp volume lower. This may be the preamp more than the speakers. Nonetheless, I spent 2 disappointed years running my AP speakers through a s#%tty amp and dvd player from Best Buy because that’s what I could afford at the time. I only recently paid off the speakers and came into enough money to also buy the associated Edge gear, Opus 21 CD player, and a host of Tara Labs interconnects and power cords. After burn in, it sounds like I got a whole new system, not just amp and cdp. I also believe the speakers are efficient.
I failed to mention in the previous posting ^ I own the Audio Physic Tempo 3i.
I own Virgo 2's and used Musical Fidelity Trivista amp (good), Krell FPB300 (better) & finally Krell FPB600 (best). Krell KRC-HR pre amp and Krell 280P CD player.
I can't give comparison to tube, but I (and my friends) love the sound.
The Virgo's got better with the increase in power.There is a lot of potential in those speakers.
Sound is fair when played softly but needs volume to excell.
Listening room is not ideal, as must use short wall which is 11' wide. Still sound is very good.
I use a granite base with polished bottom (speakers with spikes sit on top) that I slide forward off back wall for listening sessions. Can get polished granite to measure from any mason (used in headstones etc) relatively cheap.
With anything, try to get an audition at home if possible. Leave a hefty deposit with dealer to show your sincerity. Nothing beats the home audition!