Audio Physic Virgo- What Power do you use?

I got into this hi-fi thing after hearing a set Audio Physic Virgo's for the first time. I love the sound. However, I think I'm short on ultimate performance due to my current gear. I'm using a Marsh P2000T and AS400 for power. Although the Marsh gear is quality stuff, I'm ready to move up. Any Virgo users out there? What are you using?
Hi - I use a pair of Bel Canto eVo 200.2 in a monblock configuration and these drive them extremely well (Recent upgrade from a single eVo, which also was quite nice). With the monoblocked eVo's I experience a tremendous soundstage, high - wide - and deep. Coupled to the Virgo's, it's one of the best set-ups I've heard under $25,000. I highly recommend the eVos - you can usually pick them up for around $1200-1300 each.
I auditioned a pair of Virgo 3's right after they came out. I had them in my system for about four days. I was driving them with a BAT VK75SE(tube amp). Although I did not purchase a pair, I did NOT feel that the BAT was under powered at all, plenty of headroom and great detail at low level listening--and thats the trick! Good luck.

I owned the virgo's for 2 years before moving to the avanti's.

The pass labs aleph P/Aleph 2 monoblocks with nordost cabling is probably the best combination I used. The bat vk-30SE/vt100 is also outstanding if you like the tube sound. Quality electronics do make a big difference with the virgo's.
I owned the Virgo II's for 3 years. Just sold for WP 6's. I drove the virgo's with a single BAT VK60. Loved it. also loved the VK200. Midrange much better with the tubes!
I have a close friend who has a pair of Virgo 2's.He uses a Cary 30 integrated amp.The Cary is a 30 watt class a biased tube integrated amp that is no longer made.It drives the Virgo to ear splitting levels in a 12x18 room.He also uses an Audio Innovations 20 watt class a biased integrated amp which seems even louder.IMHO you don't need gobs of power,just a class A biased amp.The new Cary Rocket 88,which i own, would be a good choice also.
I own a pair of Virgo's. I power mine with a Spectral DMA 200 amp with Harmonic Tech. cables. They sound great. As stated, a good class A amp will do the trick.
I also own Virgo's. I use a BAT vk30 with both Aleph 2 monoblocks and a VAC PA 80/80 as my tube fix. Both sound extremely good. I have also used a BAT Vk 3i with VK 200 with very good results as well.
I do not own the Virgo but the SimAudio W5 amp can drive the Virgos easily.
47 Labratory Gaincard with the Virgo II is a magic combination, delicious sound, the Gaincard's fresh sound and speed get the best out of the Virgo's. If the Gaicard is too expensive, you could go for the 47 Labs Shigaraki which is half the price, it has the same characteristics.
I agree with Void on the choice of the Gaincard. I have a custom built Gaincard clone built by Andy Bartha that is incredible. His amp brings out the very best in these speakers. For those of you that thought these speakers were bass shy, you need to listen to this combo!!The best thing is that Andy's amp will run you about half the price of the Gaincard.