Audio Physic Virgo Solid State Amps ?

I am looking for a good used solid state amp for my AP Virgo's. I currently run them with a vt100m2. I want something with excellent soundstaging, high detail, and tremendous bass. I listen to lots of jazz, classical soloists, vocals, and blues. I will spend between 700 and 3000. It should also have both rca and balanced inputs. I am considering a mccormack, levinson, or a pass amp. ---- Has anyone heard good Virgo/Solid State matches anywhere ?

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I used to own Virgos powered by vt100 mkI with Terra subwoofer. With the Terra they sounded better with vt100 mkI than mkII! By themselves they sounded best with BEL (Brown Electronic Labs) 1001 MkVs. These amps are hand tuned solid state pure class A 200 watts mono or 50 watts stereo which will still power the Virgos incredibly well. I have already sold my Virgos but still have the BELs for sale. I am totally biased but just as the Virgo defies belief so the BEL astonishes.
Phill, I'm really interested. How little does it cost to make a BEL amp, Richard Brown's time to hand tune them included?
The Virgos sound really good with tubes, the ARC VT-100 especially. I have also heard them sound magical with JADIS JA 80s (60w class A monos) and now the best of all with JADIS JA 100s (80w class A monos balanced). I don't think power is as crucial as you might think, but I'd love to hear the Virgos with the ARC VT-200 or the JADIS JA 200!