Audio Physic Virgo Owners......

Any guys out there with Virgos: Lets hear about electronics which you have found successful. I especially want to hear about equipment which emphasizes the superb imaging and detail of these fine fine world class speakers. Also, any subwoofers which worked well.
Are there any speakers which can outdo the Virgos in soundstaging/detail? I would like to hear them, I cant imagine that you can do better than these babies. ( I have the Virgo II's). They are truly spooky in their ability to dissapear.
-The reference3a decapos can outdo them in low level detail but not soundstaging. Not much bass either.
-The audio physic avanti can outdo them in soundstaging and detail.
-I've heard a few speakers, like the eidolon & upper kharmas that are 'roughly' their equal. They give some they take some.

The virgo's are smaller voiced, so they can image/soundstage better at the expense of mid to low bass. A vocalist is more exactly defined, but you don't get the full range of a piano or full size bass. The trick with bigger speakers is that they can image these large instruments too. I have a feeling they lose a little imaging due to congestion from bass/room interactions.

-My alltime favorite combo with the virgo's was the arc vt100m2 (W/KT88 TUBES) and bat vk-50SE. I'm using a 15 watt cary SEI w/WE 300b'S with my avanti's right now to excellent result. Midrange and low level to die for, but low authority in the bass. If midrange is your thing, you might want to try a powerful 300B amp. Pass labs aleph 2/alephP (or x1) is good solid state for them. Nordost cabling works well.

I could never really get a subwoofer to integrate that well with any system. I would always have to trade driver coherence for low level power. I would go for a fast sub such as the rel or audio physic. I tried both of these with ap's. I prefer the rel. Try a big amp - I found that's a better solution for me with ap's.
Not knowing yr tastes, I can only give you a list of amps I enjoyed with Virgo @ home:
-Yba (ss): Passion stereo, Yba1 stereo hi-current
-Pathos monos (tube)
-Symphonic Line (ss): RG4 mono / RG7 / Kraft 250ref (the best)
-KR Antares (tube)
-KR 800(0) mono (tube)

Never lived with a sub, tried the AP one (Luna ?) with good results, but see John's note re: rel.
Nordost (spm, later valhalla) worked for me too; so did bearlabs (full set) and Siltech speaker (bearlabs IC). I settled for bearlabs.

A final note: IMO, a *very* long list of FAST, neutral-to-warm amps with LOTS of driving power will keep your Virgo's happy. Your ears & tastes matter more than mine in this case :)! Cheers
Good with Musical Fidelity A3 integrated but bad with M3. Was it the brick wall room with the M3
Got rid of the Vigo,I could not any components to make them sound good.
I couldn't disagree more with Tbird. I am currently auditioning a pair of Virgo II's and find them very musical, as well as being versatile with different styles of music. I have them mated with a pair of BEL 1001 amps running in monoblock, a Spectral DMA-20 preamplifier, an Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MK II CDP, connected with Virtual Dynamics Audition cryo'd speaker cable and interconnects, VD Nite cryo'd pc's on the CDP, and VD Audition pc's on the BEL's and Spectral. However, the Virgo II's have been known to seem somewhat slow in the bass, unless you pair them with fast amplifiers and decent cabling. The Virgo III's, which I have heard at my dealer's, seem to have solved that problem.
Correction. That's a Spectral DMC-20 preamplifier.