Audio Physic Virgo or not

I absolutely love the AudioPhysic Virgos and may have found a pair I can afford- I have the jitters not having spent so much before on one component- Anything I should especially compare them with before I spend a wad?- I will run them off McCormack 0.5SE and Line Drive and Rega Planet. Ive ruled out Meadowlark Shearwater and B&Ws- My limit is $3000. Help please!!
I have the Virgo's. For WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) speakers, the Joseph Audio, and Dynaudio line are comparable. The Dynaudio 3.0 has a similar presentation. A little wimpier in the bass. Another great speaker is the Magnepan 1.6QR. It actually does some things better than the Virgo - soundstaging specifically. For symphonic works it is simply amazing. I run the Virgo's with a mccormack dna1 amp, and they are a very good match. The bass is the best I've ever heard.
If you can buy a pair of virgo's for 3000 dollars that are in good shape it will be the last pair of speakers that you will ever need.To bring out the best of this speaker you need a good amp and great speaker wires.
I just heard the Virgos in a preamp audition. With the Rogue 99 they made my CD's sound better than they ever have before. They are the first non-stratosphere priced box speakers I have really liked as much as my Maggie 1.6's.
i'm a big fan of the virgos. at that price i think they're keepers. the jm labs electra 915's might be worth a listen, but the virgos have style all over the boring 915s. i've heard good things about the silverline sonatas (i think those are the ones in your range--if not, it's the sonatinas) too. good luck.