Audio Physic Virgo III versus Avanti III?

I currently am running a pair of Virgo III's which I like very much. I am still tweaking my room to handle some base muddying issues, as the room is quite small. I'm wondering what the advantages of the Avanti's are over the Virgo. Sometimes after listening to a friends Piega C10, I find the Virgo's lacking detail in the mid range. I love the musicality of the Virgo's so I'm curious what the Avanti's offer. They may be too much for my room though, since the Virgo's base is already overloading my space a bit. Any thoughts?
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Hi there,
I have owned my Virgo 111s for about 3 years and had to move from the lounge to a small listening room @ 12ft X10ft.
My friend has Avantis 111s which are seriously fabulous(I am very greenwith envy) but they are in a much larger room.
If you are having problems with the Virgos overloading you will hit serious problems with the Avantis.
I know these well and the larger and fully active complement of woofers, fabulous as they may be will not help matters in a small room.
Not being funny but if you are lacking detail in the midrange and they are overloading the room, they are not properly set up.
Mines are on a hard suspended floor - sitting the rounded spikes into Aurio 1.2s stopped them loading the room and brought a quite frightening clarity/focus to the proceedings - my lounge was above a 22x22ft garage and the whole room went mental !
I find mine far better in the small room than in the lounge - they were set on the short wall firing up the 22ftx14ft room and never sounded as holographic or detailed as they do now. Small room but set at near the optimum recommended position, which I realise is not exactly consumer friendly.
I have re-run Clara everytime I have added room treatments and it still never places them far away from where AP & their distributors would suggest.
I have a very good article on placement written by the UK importer of AP - I'll happily mail it to you.

Please feel free to mail me of thread if I can be of any help - I have taken considerable time and trouble to get the best out of these speakers and wonder if there's many speakers of their size that could work so well in a small room.
People told me these and my Pass Labs would never work in my small room, buy bookshelve monitors and a smaller amp? - the grin on my face every night leaves them with egg on their chins. Better still, no television to compete with -
Cheers Simon
The Avanti are a better speaker for a larger room.

Try replacing the Virgo's feet with cone's then tune to the side walls
for muddyness and midrange.(those thing's from BDR work well too.)
They do like to be a fair way into the room. (40-45%)