Audio Physic Virgo III, probrem on left Speaker

I own a pair of Virgo III for over a year. Recently I noted the sound on the left speaker bass shaking likes broken cone. It also making a noise like swallow a full mouth of water through the throat every times turnning off the amp. I swapped speaker cables, problem staying from the left speaker. I drive them with Pass Lab X150.5.

It seems likes a leakage or dry capacitor on the crossover of the speaker I guess. I open it up for a look for any odd likes a burn or something but it looks fine.

Previous owner had them for about three months, he bought them in Sacramento CA dealer, that is all I know. Where or how can I get it fix. Thanks for any advice.
Thanks for informations Timrhu. I was trying to look for the help from Audio Physic. It took weeks but there was no luck to get any respond from them. I looked closer inside the bad sound speaker cabinet. It turned out that the cable inside looped around and touching the cone, I straighted the loop and making sure it will not falling back to touch the cone. Whew !!......That is it.

Again thanks Timrhu.
If you push on the suspect woofer do you hear a scratching sound? If so, then the voice coil is bad. Happened to me with a pair of Paradigms after my son used them.
As for repair, you should be able to get a replacement driver from Audio Physic. Prepare yourself for the cost and good luck.