Audio Physic Virgo III, probrem on left Speaker

I own a pair of Virgo III for over a year. Recently I noted the sound on the left speaker bass shaking likes broken cone. It also making a noise like swallow a full mouth of water through the throat every times turnning off the amp. I swapped speaker cables, problem staying from the left speaker. I drive them with Pass Lab X150.5.

It seems likes a leakage or dry capacitor on the crossover of the speaker I guess. I open it up for a look for any odd likes a burn or something but it looks fine.

Previous owner had them for about three months, he bought them in Sacramento CA dealer, that is all I know. Where or how can I get it fix. Thanks for any advice.

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Thanks for informations Timrhu. I was trying to look for the help from Audio Physic. It took weeks but there was no luck to get any respond from them. I looked closer inside the bad sound speaker cabinet. It turned out that the cable inside looped around and touching the cone, I straighted the loop and making sure it will not falling back to touch the cone. Whew !!......That is it.

Again thanks Timrhu.