Audio Physic Virgo III compared to the SF Cremona

Just wondering if anyone has compared these 2 speakers head to head and might have some opinions?

Virgos are more neutral. Maybe a bit too analytical. The side fired bass drivers aren't as coherent as if they fired forward and can be a problem with room walls as well.
Cremonas are voiced like a musical instrument and have some flavor of their own - like that of a cello, violin or some other stringed instrument. They can get rough and nasty if it's in the music. But only to a point.
They are so different in sound it should be pretty easy to decide between the two knowing your musical taste and associated equipment - ie does it need warming up or softening up.
what are your amplification ?

I choosed Cremona over Virgos III, NAutilus 802, Mezzo Utopia, if that helps.
If and only if you have tubes go for the Virgos. I think they are very analytical but quite frankly wasn't bowled over by the Cremonas. Virgos are wonderful in the right setup.