Audio Physic Virgo III compared to the SF Cremona

Just wondering if anyone has compared these 2 speakers head to head and might have some opinions?

The Virgo III is a very clean clean speaker. It has a remarkable imaging capability. It is, for want of a better description, some of the best that Germany has to offer. I spent many evenings in a friend's home, listening to his pair. They are truly excellent speakers.
The Cremona is a more romantic sounding speaker, that also images VERY well.
I would say that generally speaking the choice would be more dependant on your other components, and the type of music you enjoy. Also, room size, volumes you listen to, etc.
Tell me more and I will be happy to assist.
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has compared these 2 speakers head to head
Incidentally, I have. They are quite different in their inherent reproduction details. As Larry suggests, you'd have to consider numerous parametres (other than listening extensively to both) in order to choose.
With his experience, Larry could provide excellent info; my "personal" preference could be very misleading (btw, I own none of the two speakers). But if you're in the market for these speakers, & you think I can help, don't hesitate! Chers