Audio Physic Virgo III

Has anyone heard/bought the new Virgos from Audio Physic? I love my Virgo's, the II's, I am wondering how the sound can be improved. The II's still amaze me, sometime I look straight at them and I cant believe the sound is coming from them. Something is very right about this design, can it be improved? Thanks guys.....
What electronics do you use with your Virgo?
I own the Virgo II's as well. I went to hear the Virgo III's and I was disappointed. They were thin sounding and they were underwhelming in the extreme. The Virgo III's however have a following. Either you love them or, you hate them. I guess in answer to your question, I do not think that the Virgo III's are an improvement on the II's. I wanted them to be much more than what I found them to be.
I felt that the virgo III's were a step down. Better bass yes, but they just don't have that magical mid and upper range that made the II special. The II's basically sound like the worlds best minimonitor, yet they happen to have decent bass. The upper range on them is just amazing. I've probably heard 50 speaker's, and the virgo is definitely in my top 5 list.

The III's sound much more like a good quality, 'ordinary' (boring) speaker. I feel like I can hear the multiple driver's in the system. Maybe it's just a predjudice that I have. I feel that the fewer drivers the better.

They're good, but instead of me thinking 'these are really special', I just thought 'yah great,...whatever'. They just don't have that 'clarity' I hear in the II.
I have auditioned the Virgo III, but I have not heard the II's. I went into the audition wanting to love them. However, I just thought they were good, not great. In the end I thought they were real lean in the mid's. Maybe it was the set-up. If you enjoy listening to full scale classical music you may be dissapointed. Maybe a top notch subwoofer would do the trick.
I demoed at two dealers and had very different results. Both had Musical Fidelity amps. First dealer used Musical Fidelity A3 CDP in a sonically treated room. III's sounded very good. Clear, dynamic sound. Pretty good kick on drums. Did not do the disappearing trick that I heard with the $3,500 Tempos (?). These had the Nomex drivers, I think. The Virgo III's now have metal and this has changed the sound. More dynamic and maybe a bit more detailed and clearer (at least perceived clarity) than the Nomex. But $5,500 is a lot of money and I don't think they were worth that much more than a lot of $3,500 speakers (Sonus Faber, B&W, Vienna Bach).
Second dealer they sounded horrible. This was in an untreated brick room and there was a constant high frequency doubling or ringing or ghosting or something that ruined all kinds of vocals. Maybe the room, but the vast differences at dealer #2 made me wonder if I just missed these problems the first time.