Audio Physic Virgo II or Avanti ????

looking to upgrade my speakers.

looking at the audio physic line - what are the differences betwen the virgo II and the avanti ?

thanks for your help,

Hi Mike - sorry if this is not correct protocol - I actually came across this page by mistake looking for something, but noticed your question. I am a retailer in UK for a number of high end products including Audio Physic - if you don't get information you require, please feel free to browse info on website - or I can arrange to mail you manufacturers information or extract from it and email to you. I suspect you may be located in US,? (i'm in UK) but happy to try and help if I can). Not sure if you are aware too, that AP don't come bi-wired capable as standard, but it can be done after the fact or at order time if ordering new - I have been advised though that the additional expense is not really worth it as the crossover design is such (good)that bi-wiring doesn't deally deliver anything.