Audio physic virgo history

Can someone please tell me what year the Audio Physic Virgo 3 replaced the 2? Also, was there even a 2? I can only find info on the "Virgo" and "Virgo 3" Thanks
Fruff1976, Fremer reviewed Virgo II in Stereophile(see there)and this Virgo2 got A 'class' status,the first for
an lS below $5000. Joachem Gerhard (?) the designer left
Audio Physics after Virgo II and Caldera II and after that
Audio Physics never produced something that can match those.I am,alas,not good in years but look for Joachem if this is so important for you. But in your place I would look rather for Caldera II or Virgo II.
I'm not dead certain on the accuracy of this, but its a starting point... others please correct:

- Joachim Gerhard introduces the Virgo circa 1989.

- Virgo II - shown at CES January '95 - imported by Alan Perkins' Immedia - reviewed later that year by Fremer in Stereophile - I think this is the last Gerhard designed Virgo.

- Virgo III - introduced late 2001 early 2002 - reviewed by Damkroger for Stereophile in 2003.

Not sure there was a Virgo 4

- Virgo V circa 2007
The Stereophile review for the Virgo 3 was Sept 2003