audio physic virgo and valves

anyone use this combination?
I recently demo`ed the virgo with my unisis amp (35w pp tube) and they seemed fantastico! , but after getting home and reading the specs on the virgos`, i am in doubt to whether they need more power than the 35w of tube power driving them.
Has anyone had experience with the virgos on the end of tube amps?
cheers :)
Try a Music Reference RM 200. I think it's 100 wpc. Awesome setup.
i have only just bought the unisis, and love it to bits, so i am keeping the amp.
I used to have Virgo's with a BAT vk 60. 60 wpc tube. Amazing sound. Listen to your ears....they aren't lying to you! Don't worry about the specs...
thats what i thought... thanks :) .
I'm currently driving Virgo II's with a Primaluna Prologue 2 tube amp rated at 40wpc. The sound is rich, full and dynamic. There's not a hint that the amp isn't delivering enough power.

The Virgos are awesome speakers. I plan on keeping mine for a long, long time.
do you find the soundstage is big with the prima luna?
The soundstage is fairly big with the Primaluna, but I've heard larger. The CJ Premier 17/MV60SE combo in particular throws a huge soundstage, especially in terms of depth. For about 7 times the cost of the PL, I can get a slightly larger soundstage, slightly better image focus and inner detail and some more air around the notes. It's a matter of how much one is willing to spend to squeeze out that extra measure of sonic performance.
One of the most musically convincing systems I've heard in a store was a pair of Virgos driven by a VAC Avatar tube integrated. It generated 60/60 watts in pentode operation, and something like 28/28 in pseudo-triode mode. Great option. The room was sizable and in pentode mode, power was sufficient whenever triode mode ran out of oomph. The system blew away everything bigger and more expensive in the store at that time.

i agree, i would rather have quality than quantity any day.
i now think that 35 watt oc class "A" will sound great, even in the long term.
I think the hefty current reserve helps driving tricky (ish) loads.
I took the amp round to my brothers, who has a pair of martin logan s, sensitivity of 88 db, 4 ohms (dipping to 1 0hm @ 20 khz).
The unisis drove them without any problems, loud too :)
so, i am now on the lookout for some physics :)
Can anyone comment on this combination ? I am considering to purchase the virgo speaker but read reviews that it might be difficult to drive.
I used to own Virgo II and powered them with a pair of KR Audio monoblocks which were approximately 26 wpc (I think they were specd at 22wpc, but my audio technician guy measured them at about 26wpc). I never had any issues and found that the power seemed ample, and I've since owned other speakers that definitely needed more power.

The Virgos are magical and frankly have outperformend many other speakers I've owned. One of the speakers I now own is the Audio Physic Avanti III which are similar to the Virgo but with more presence and weight. I stronly recommend placing the Virgos on Sistrum 004 Stands. I can't emphasise this enough - they completely transform the speakers, and I have no relationship with the company or any other audio company.
Thanks for your comments and suggestion.
Probably the best, most musically realistic sound I heard in the entire decade of the 90s was a system with Virgo speakers powered by a simple VAC Avatar integrated amp -- 30/30w of EL34 push-pull tube beauty. Of course the power sufficiency depends upon your room size, acoustic space, surfaces, furnishings, habits, etc. but it was fine for me in a room approx 14' x 22' x 8.5'. Your amp should have 4 ohm taps.

This combination wiped out most far more expensive and elaborate systems in terms of simple sheer musical truth and it would still be quite remarkable today.

Phil, thanks for your information. My room is approx the same size as yours. I am planning to get an Octave V80 integrated and will check to see if they have 4 ohm taps.

The thing to remember is the Virgo is designed for very wide spacing, and to sit well into the room, away from boundaries. Many people who loved the speaker just couldn't make practical use of it for this reason. But if you can accommodate the setup, especially along the broad dimension, it can be deeply convincing and simple too.

Well noted. I went to the distributor showroom today (I am living in Hong Kong) but unfortunately their first shipment will not arrive until end September. So I have to wait 2 more months before I can do the audition.

I use Virgo 111s with Audiopax 88s (30 watts)
and love the combination.
I have used many amps on my Virgo 2's, from 18 watts to 1000 watts! My preference is tubes over SS, but the Virgo's will love both. For tube amps I think you need a minimum of 60 watts, although I have used 40 watts of triode tubes with my Luxman 3045's to great effect. They were great with my Quicksilver MX 190, very good with my George Wright KT 88's. Currently playing with a modded Music Reference RM 9. My Van Alstine Dynaco st 70 sounded delicous and delicate but the lack of power made the soundstage shrink and instruments sounded small, a result of not enough power. I have a weakness for el 34 tubes and keep coming back to them. Lots of stuff comes and goes with different degrees of wonderfullness(or Not), but I find they like a bit of power, they don't need a ton of power, but give them enough and they will give you what they are famous for, that big deep stage and the disappearing act they are known for. These speakers can deliver more than most people can provide. They don't need the best electronics to sound great , but when you do provide better electronics and source they are always up to the task and deliver the goods.
In other words if you do own these speakers, your upgrade path will be electronics and cables long, and I mean long, before you need to upgrade these speakers, they are that good, unfortunately after Virgo 2 it all fell to shit when the original designer sold the company, so if you happen to own these speakers enjoy the bit of magic that you had to privilege to own.