Audio Physic Virgo 3 vs. Usher's Compass 8571??

I have seen numerous ads for the Usher speaker line manufactured in Taiwan. Maybe I am overally suspicious, but who is Usher and are their speakers "hi-end" products??. Also, Usher's 8571 and Audio Physic's "new" Virgo 3 are almost the same retail price. Has anyone heard or auditioned these two speakers, or even owned them?? (I have heard and read that the Virgo 3 is bright and not the equal of Virgo 2 in smoothness---which is hard to believe) Nevertheless, I am curious how these two speakers, the Virgo 3 and Usher 8571 "stack up" against each other. Both have beautiful cabinet work. Unfortunately, the Usher models are not a household word like the legendary Virgos. All opinions welcomed!!
I have the Virgo 3's and the sound is very neutral and revealing. I've read some people says it's bright, that is only true if the rest of your system is bright. My Virgo's doesn't sound bright at all and my system consists of all solid state YBA2 preamplifier, Gamut D200 and Rega Jupiter. Some people says that the Virgo II is better than the Virgo 3. I guess the designer of Audio Physic speakers has a hearing problem releasing a newer version of their speaker that is inferior to the predecessor.
Actualy the Ushers have much better cabinetry.Everything in the Ushers ae very good except their crossover.If you are willing to spend some money to get them redone then you will have a great speaker.If not the Virgo is the better buy.
I have heard neither, but can tell you that Jim Ricketts of tmh audio, carries some pretty nice gear. Usher is one his lines.

tmh audio Website

I suspect that he finds them superior to Köchel loudspeakers, another line that he carries. I love my Köchel K300's, so Jim's endorsement, indicates to me at least, that the Usher's must be exceptional.
Haven't heard the Ushers, but I have spent some time with the Virgo IIIs connected to various tube and SS rigs. In all cases sources were the same (Linn Ikemi, Sony 500V on SACD) and my impression was that they're a little on the dry side, I woudn't say bright. This isn't necessarily bad, and there are other upstream considerations. Unfortunately I wasn't able to listen to vinyl with the Virgos. But I must say, for soundstaging, spatiality, depth, etc. the Virgos are just awesome. If you are at all concerned with such matters you gotta check em out. I think they would sound fantastic with warmish, rich sounding upstream components rather than steelishly accurate stuff. Even with digital and SS, they sounded really great. I've been kind of spoiled to dryer speakers since I heard the Meadowlark line, which to my ears have a deliciously rich, warm sound. Distortion? Maybe, but I love it. Nevertheless, the Virgos did several things as well as or better than anything else I've heard. Absolutely cavernous soundstage with those things.

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Hear both at CES if you're near Las Vegas Jan 9-12th.

Dr Joseph D'Appolito, a virtual "Who's Who" and leading authority in "Audio" and "Accoustics" is THE chief consultant for Usher Audio. Dr D'Appolito is responsible for the Usher state-of-the-art crossover design, enclosure design, and driver selection and testing.

I concur with the above post regarding Jim Ricketts from TMH Audio. Jim is a distributor for world class audio products and it is no accident that Jim carries the Usher Loudspeaker line-up.

Hearing is believing,,,, If your willing to lay down the large,,, then spend a couple of hundred dollars for a airline ticket and a day in sunny LV and hear for yourself. With a limited number of dealers,,, CES may be your best opportunity to comparison shop. They'll all be there in a few weeks!