Audio Physic Virgo 25 vs Avantera

Hello to everybody.
I'm big fun of AP sound and currently own Yara II Superior.
I decided to upgrade now and I really need some thoughts from real people who have experience in Virgo and Avantera sound (preferably both, of course)))

I really adore AP style, even with their a bit demonstrative mid and highs and some lack of bass.
My music collection (a lot of live acoutic stuff, strings, orchestras, indie vocals, etc) is perfectly fits to AP style of reproduction.
In the current setup I came to that I want a bit bigger dimension/ scene from my acoustic and more articulated bass (where it exists in the material, of course).
I managed to listen Scorpio 25 and Virgo 25 in demo room of retailer.
I found Scorpio performance quite far from what I like in AP style - fatty bass and much more moderate treble.
While Virgo 25 has shown absolutely signatured AP performance, but, frankly, I didn't hear huge difference vs what I have now.
So, I have the alternative: to take Virgo and have proven "branded" AP sound or to take Avantera (without any chance to listen it) with my hidden "phobia" that it sounds closer to Scorpio style (because of 4 woofers vs. 2 in Virgo) and hope I like it, cause it is really next league of AP line.
My apprehensions are also feeded by this phrase from 6Moon Avantera review: "Very clean and non-demonstrative treble which avoids prior tendencies toward the bright and emphasized." Damn, I like this bright emphasizing!)
And last but not least: I have got the chance to get always mint Avantera with the price which is almost equal to Virgo, with 50% discount from its original cost.
Means value for money (sound change/ improvement I would get for this price) is definetely pushing my choice towards Avantera.

So, this is the story.
I appreciate any thoughts regarding this matter.
Thank you very much in advance,
Depends entirely on the synergy (or conversely a lack thereof) with the speakers and the rest of your system ....that elusive "synergy" is an alchemy created by the ethereal component interaction between the electronics, the speakers, the cables (ICs, speaker and power) and the unique limitations and warts of your listening environment .

The ultimate last influence would be any impulse choice primarily driven by an arbitrary sales price.

Without your own hands-on full and proper assessment, (one size does NOT fit all), any new speaker choice testimonial -- pro or con --- are just high risk pure biased and anecdotal guesswork at best, with a high likelihood of an expensive failed upgrade outcome.
I say go with what you like. If treble emphasis/energy that is the hallmark of Audio Physic is what you like then why should there be any question at all. I wish all issues were so cleanly defined and solved. As AKG said an arbitrary "sales" price is virtually meaningless if it isn't what you want your money to buy.
Thank you for your opinion.
You are absolutely right and the statement "go with what you like" is obvious in this situation (and in any general talk about hi-end speakers world). The purpose of this post was to get some insights and hints from the people who have heard both Virgo and Avantera to get some pecularities of 2 speakers sound IN COMPARISON. There are no comparative reviews of them in the net.
No one man who have heard this for this forum?!(

I love audio physic speakers (have tried the Virgo 2, Libra, Scorpios) and have been very intrigued by the reviews of the Avantera. The problem is they seem very rare both in show rooms and on the used market, so it's hard to find impressions.

I actually heard them at the Toronto TAVES show a few years ago and remember thinking they sounded terrific, but I wasn't really familiar with them at the time, nor was I on the lookout for speakers, so I don't have a good memory to rely on. I also heard the Virgo 25s, both at shows and at my pal's house. I liked them quite a bit, but they were a bit more lean than I've heard from, say, the Scorpios, and if I remember properly the Avantera's struck me as somewhat more full-sounding, though clean and accurate.

I have only heard the Avantera's on a show, but do own the Virgo 25.
In my system they sound anything but lean, not even close.
They sound very rich, expressive, smooth and throw a expansive soundstage.
Their detail is just amazing and am making great steps towards an 3d holographic stage with them.

I think they are a pretty neutral window so partnerring equipment will influence the result a lot.