Audio Physic Virgo 25

Anyone out there using tubes to drive this speaker.
My amp puts out 20 watts.
Thoughts will be appreciated.
I have AP Classic 30s. I connected them to 2 McIntosh MC275 tube amps in mono and 2 McIntosh MC601 SS amps in mono and preferred the MC601s. I admit to being more of a SS fan even though I rarely listen at over 6 watts. Just my preference.
I do not own a tube amp at the moment, but am driving the Virgo 25 with a 30 watts class A amplifier, (Pass xa30.5).

It is in full control of the Virgo, extremely dynamic, very big soundstage in all dimensions and superb grip in the deepest lows.

Imaging is just world class with the right gear and cables with these!
Although the Pass can turn to class A/B for more power, almost never ned it.
But my room is not the largest.