Audio Physic Tempo 3i vs Revel F-30: Better Value?

Any one ever audition the Audio Physic Tempo IIIi?? I have been told that they are actually better than the "old" Virgo II because of a newly designed tweeter that came after the Virgo II were discontinued. I have a chance of buying ("used") either the Tempo's or a pair Revel F-30's which I have heard. I thought the Revels were nice but also sounded a bit bright and dry. I have never heard the Tempo 3i, but am generally familiar with the AP sound.(For whatever it is worth, TAS reviewed the Tempo3i and liked them)I listen to a lot of classic rock and fusion jazz
Don't sweat it. I'm in the biz and couldn't pass up the opportunity to educate. Cheers!
To the members who have responded so far, thank you for your concern, but I am not a wine drinker.... Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of visiting local audio outlets like one would do in NYC, Chicago, or San Francisco. I live in the "butthole" of the audio business world where dealerships are spread out of by hundreds of miles; in addition, several of them seem disinterested in having hours convenient for customers, or no longer carry the speakers I have inquired about, like the Audio Physic. It must be the plentiful sunshine and glorious young women here that slows dissolves the seller's instinct. I won't reveal exactly where I live because I don't want to receive a torment of e-mails claiming "that is not the case....blah, blah, blah!!." Therefore, I MUST DEPEND on balanced magazine reviews and the "good ears" of my 'GON fellow members.... So, let's take it from the top; anyone who can offer some advice on my original thread, please respond before I buy something unheard----Oh No NO!!!. I guess while I am writing I should ad to the above selection I am considering, the "Avalon Avatar"---another product I have not heard and cannot hear because of the audio "blackout" that exists in my fair and sunny place of residence. (NOTE: the Avalon Avatars are about $1100 more, even used, than the Tempo's or the F-30's. The Avalon cabinets are nicer, but I still believe this is a grossly overpriced at its MSRP and therefore its resale price. Thank you again, Jim
I stand by my statement. If you have heard something you like and you cannot hear something else, you should stick with the former rather than rely on any reviewer. Of course, I am not a gambler.
Sunnyjim, i own Revel F30's, S30 surrounds and the C30 center channel in my HT room. i have one friend with Audio Physic Avanti III's and another with Virgo III's. i have been in both friend's rooms numerous times. so i have a pretty good idea of the 'sound' of the Revel Performa compared to the Audio Physic.

both speakers are excellent and you can't really go too far wrong here.

my opinion is that for Rock/Fusion, especially with ss amplification, the Revel F30's will be more satisfying. the F30's have a more robust, full sound, and are more forward and dynamic. the Revel is an excellent Home Theatre speaker and keeps the energy level high. the F30 is not harsh or edgy, unless the music is. the F30 is fairly full range for it's price range and has true bass performance down to about 30hz with good articulation and speed.

the Audio Physic is more precise and refined, and is better suited to small jazz combos, chamber music, or vocals. the Audio Physic's are soundstageing champs (the Revels aren't bad here but not as good as the AP's). the presentation of the Audio Physic is somewhat reticent and must be pushed to come alive (compared to the Revels). the Audio Physic would be a better choice with tube amps (they are an easier load and can benefit from some warmth). the Audio Physic are quite seamless and coherent, a little better at this than the F30's, but the F30's are not bad in this area either.

both speakers disappear, but the Audio Physics might be the all-time champs in this area.

this is just my perspective and remember that i haven't actually heard the Audio Physic Tempos; but the 'family' sound of Audio Physic is fairly consistent.
I can only comment on the IIIi's. I auditioned with a BAT VK-200/VK-3i amp/preamp and have heard nothing in the price range that has ever sounded so good to my ears (at least that I could afford the space to own - unlike the wonderful Maggie 3.6R). In any event, these were the most musical speaker I have listended to in a very long time in a listening space with actually approximates my own (11'x 15'). So I purchased a pair and find them wonderful reproducers on classical, classic jazz, blues and classic rock. They do an especially good job on female voices. Patricia Barber never sounded so 'life-like'. I drive them with a 145wpc MOSFET amp and listen to either vinyl or 192kHz upsampled CDs. Be advised that my wife hates them as I want to listen all the time. Oh, well.