Audio Physic Tempo 3i vs Revel F-30: Better Value?

Any one ever audition the Audio Physic Tempo IIIi?? I have been told that they are actually better than the "old" Virgo II because of a newly designed tweeter that came after the Virgo II were discontinued. I have a chance of buying ("used") either the Tempo's or a pair Revel F-30's which I have heard. I thought the Revels were nice but also sounded a bit bright and dry. I have never heard the Tempo 3i, but am generally familiar with the AP sound.(For whatever it is worth, TAS reviewed the Tempo3i and liked them)I listen to a lot of classic rock and fusion jazz
Don't buy any speaker without audition.
I agree with it doesn't matter how many good reviews you've read about it. Speakers just like wine
they might like Burgundy but you probably don't and prefer
Chardonnay instead.
White Burgundy is Chardonnay!