Audio Physic speakers

Has anyone had any experience with the Audio Physic Tempo plus speakers? My dealer who is thinking about becoming a dealer. Because I have a good relationship with my dealer he allowed me to take them.home for a weekend. OMG  as compared to my Revel F208s the imaging, clarity, detail and soundstage blew me away. My F208s couldn't even hold a candle to them I know price isn't everything the Revel's are 5k ,and  the Audio Physic are 6.5k plus they are a smaller profile and footprint.
Happy Listening
Audio Physic image exceptionally well - the narrow baffle really does an impressive disappearing act! They don’t hang together as well at higher volumes compared to many others but imaging is what they excel at!
IDK about that I achieved hiher
Sorry about my response that made no sense my phone froze and unfroze I accidentally hit the send when it unfroze and then it shut down. Anyway what I meant to say was they definitely played louder with better clarity and a wider soundstage than my Revel's.