Audio Physic Spark v. Joseph RM-22 sigs

I am considering selling my Magneplanar 1.6qr speakers and buying either the Audio Physic Spark or the Joseph RM-22s. Both are right at my price limit of about $2500. I currently use a McIntosh MA-6500 amp & McIntosh MVP-841 CD/dvd & Music Hall mmf-7. Room is 22' x 15' w/ 17' ceiling. However I have to sit 8' from the speakers (very weird, I know, but nothing can be done).

Thanking you in advance for your 'SOUND' advice!
All I can say is, you're in for a disappointment going from Maggies back to any box speaker.
Do you not like the sound or are you fed up with the ergonomics? That I could understand...they're big and difficult to place.
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Well, I disagree with Tacs about dissappointment from shifting away from Maggies..

I used to drive Maggies 1.6 (with full XO upgrade) with the Stratos and finally moved to Silverine Panatella II with 300B SET amp. Maybe it's more of a combination between SS and SET as well. Anyway, though I miss some that Maggies did really well, I don't think I ever want to go back to 1.6 and SS though. At the end it's a matter of taste anyway. My 2 cents though.

I also heard that Mc and Maggiess mate quite well, so the best suggestion is to get your speakers first then compare with the Maggies you have and see which one you like better.
I never heard of the two you aim so can't help on that.

Good luck anyway,

Ake, I agree with your preference for SETs, but what you didn't like about the Maggies you might chalk up to having to use high power solidstate amplifiers, which as you now know, have all kinds of problems re-creating low level signals with fidelity, in comparison with SETs.
I would love to hear the 1.6s hooked up to something like the VTL Wotans in triode mode!
I have listen extensively to the Audio Physic Spark and Yara (I have no experience witht the RM-22). In my opinion, the Yara has a warmer overall sound. The highs are natural and open. For a speaker of its size, it has a solid bottom end (much better than the Spark). On the other hand, the Spark was too analytical and cold. It was not involving at all. Best of all, the Yara lists for around $1500 (dont't let the lower price fool you!). Use the savings to buy a good speaker cable. I recommend using the Dimarzio Super M-Path with the Yara (yes, Dimarzio is the guitar pickup guy). It is a great bargain at $500 (their power cords are also worth looking into).
The AP will grate on you due to its tweeter. The RM 22 are a better overall speaker, but not that exciting. You may tire of them. At your price points look at Silverline and Dynaudio Contour 1.1 or used 1.3 SE. Do not go after the plain 1.3. Used Meadowlark Shearwaters or new Osprey may be a nice mate to your amps.
Neither will provide the transparency you are used to. Vmps will give the best of dynamic speakers and planar. Sweet ribbons with solid, tunable bass.