Audio Physic Scropio versus Dynaudio C1

Anyone have any thoughts about how these speakers stack up against each other? They both fit into my budget but go about reproducing sound in very different ways. So, I am just looking for others thoughts and impressions on these speakers.

My room is 16 x 16 room. I have tubes on top of a class D solid state amp. I have plenty of power for either. I would be interested in your thoughts.
Never heard the Audio Physic's but as a C1 owner I can't recommend it enough. Just traded my solid state (Bryston B100) for tubes (Octave V70SE) and couldn't be happier with the sound.
There is a good review of the Scorpio in the Nov/Dec 2007 HIFICRITIC. I was not sure when you said you had tubes on top of a Class D whether you meant to biamp or could use either. At least at that time the Scorpio had only one set of WBT termanals.However, your tube should do nicely, they heard it useing a 20 watt tube integrated which" drove a really large exhibition room to astonishing levels." The impedence is 6 ohms with a minimum of 3.2 and the sensitivity id 89.5 db so your tube amp should work fine. Their conclusion was:" Clearly engineered to a very high standard, it drives rooms very well, and shows a great spacial response. Sensitivity is above average, amplified loading about average and the sound is fundamentally very accurate.Build and finish is also top notch." I was thinking about getting a pair myself but ended with a pair of Gamut L5s instead.
There is a store in my area that carries both Audio Physic and Dynaudio, and at one time had both of these speakers in stock and on the floor in separate systems. These are two of my favourite speakers of all time, and although I could easily live with both long term, ultimately I would choose the Scorpio's, with one caveat. You really do need the room for these speakers. Even though they are not large, by today's standard, and it is probably quite possible to get them to perform well in a smaller or medium sized room, they really seem to come into their own in a larger space where they have room to breath. They can be eerily real when set up properly with the right components. On the other hand while possibly not quite as good a performer top to bottom as the Scorpio, the C1's are easily the best compact speaker I have ever heard. If space is at a premium I can't think of another speaker I would rather have, except maybe the Magico Mini's and they're almost triple the price of the smaller Dynaudio's.
Everyone, thanks for the input.