Audio Physic Scorpios and SET amps

Has anyone out there tried 10-15W SET amplification with original Audio Physic Scorpio speakers?
What were the results?
Is 92 db efficient enough?
I am thinking about trying it.
Any helpful hints? Brands of amps?
I am on a tight budget so I have to be real about my choices.
Martin Colloms tested these in the Nov/Dec issue of HIFICRITIC. He said that they did not require a large amp. 30 watts into 4 ohms worked well. This despite the actual sensitivity being 89.5 rather than the 91 claimed over there. " In an unlikely partnership with the English Proteus tube integrated amp [20 watts] , I heard it driving a really large exhibition room to astonishing levels." It was a vary favorable review and it remains on the magazines list of recommended components. This was a 3 and a half way speaker weighing 60 lb.; I assume it was the one you have, I don't know the different versions.
Nov/Dec 2007, sorry.
I'm currently running mine off a Vaughn Audio Carina. This amp has only 6 ohm taps.

Appx 1 watt SET, and almost 2 in ultralinear.

In a 14x17 bedroom, its plenty.

Due to speaker placement, I was getting quite a bit of bass 'honk' at lower frequencies. I stuffed a heavy wool sock in both ports, and this cured it.

Can I play tecno at club levels? No, but it gets loud enough that I don't turn it up till my downstairs neighbors are up.

John C.