Audio Physic's Libras: Owners's Opinions Needed

I have a chance to purchase a new pair of AP's "Libra" speakers. They were the step above the Virgo II. Need opinion and feedback from current or former owners about their overall performance, especially compared to Virgo II's Thank you, SJ
I have not heard the Virgo IIs, but I replaced my Magnepan 1.6QRs with the AP Libras and never looked back. I have never heard speakers that throw a bigger and more lifelike soundstage. They are accurate and articulate from top to bottom, and do bass very well. I drive them with Bel Canto Evo 200.2 monos. They might benefit from a subwoofer to get at the really low bass (according to the specs, they go down to 28 hz). I'm waiting for an AP Rhea to come on the market at a good price.

Stereophile did a review in which they compared the Libra to the Virgo.
Hi, 4 years ago I had to make the same decision and have heard the libras twice at different dealers. They always sounded too much boomy and the bass covered the other frequency range. So no recommendation from me. Now I have the virgoIII and I am satisfied.