Audio Physic Rhea subwoofer.....

This is a great great sub, integrates with my Virgos seamlessly. Once in a while, I get a popping sound out of it, i assume this is due to dirty electricity, it seems to coincide with my computer hard drive engaging, among other things. Will a surge supressor work? Or do I need a separate power line? Will a surge supressor also supress the current that the amp is trying to draw? Thanks.....Mark
This is a long shot but a friend of mine asked me to take a look at his sub because it was doing the same thing. In his case, it was the sound of the cone bottoming out due to infrasonics. Happily, there was no damage and simply switching in his subsonic filter fixed the problem.

sounds like something via ac. Audioprism quietlines are supposed to help with this. $27 each. Can't comment if it will solve it. Try plugging the computer or sub into a different circuit...
A couple other possibilities: a marginal connection like an RCA connection that seems good but either the contact is intermittent or one of the internal wires is partially broken. I've also heard of power cords that weren't properly seated in the AC causing this kind of problem.