Audio Physic Classic series

Hi, Im wondering if anyone has any experience with or thoughts on the Audio Physic Classic series.

I was able to audition the Classic 20 recently, briefly, being driven by PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP. My take was that they were a pleasant, lively speaker. I'd guess their frequency response isn't the flattest around, but they just sounded lively, not wildly inaccurate. Bass definition and detail was impressive, all the way to the bottom of the speaker's range. Treble was perhaps not world-class, but avoided all traces of harshness. The speakers managed to portray the recordings I heard as an organic whole, without sacrificing too much detail at all.

OF course, a short audition can be very different from long-term experience, so I'd love to hear from anyone who knows these speakers.
I have a pair of the Classic 30's. I like them so much I decided to purchase a Center and pair of Classic 20's for the rears of an entire HT system. I had them hooked up to MC275 mono tube amps but I preferred them hooked up to MC601 SS monos. I must admit I generally do prefer the power of SS amps. I find the glass and the small size of the speakers to be very attractive, others may not.
Thanks, interesting to hear you preferred SS. I did not have the change to hear the 20s with SS - if experience is anything to by, these must deliver outstanding bass with an SS amp.

I wish the price jump up to their next line of speakers wasn't so large, I'd love to compare the Classic vs the HiFi line.
i have "vintage" caldera II. When they came out in late 90's they were considered as a pretty good speaker and designed to compete against the Wilson Watt. They actually share a driver (scanspeak). I purchased them this year off agon for a great price. I have been very impressed with the sound. I dont know how the Classic line compares but the caldera is the best speaker by far i have owned