Audio Physic Classic 20 and Sitara 25 speakers: Why so few reviews on both ??

Audio Physic has created a legacy with their speakers over the last 20 years. I realize that major magazines cannot review every speaker a manufacturer issues, but the above AP models I have found only one review on each speaker on the net.  Some review links are just ads or forum blurbs of little consequence. For the record, the AP Classic 20 is still current and less expensive (I think) than the AP Sitara 25 which has been discontinued.

Therefore, if anyone owns or has heard either speaker please provide your impressions of their sound quality and any links to reviews of them.

I had planned to purchased a pair of Revel Peforma 206's, but I am moving to a  smaller space and a slimmer speaker will work better in the new apartment..

Thank you,  S.J.    

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