Audio Physic Avanti 5

Hi, after thinking to buy the ML Prodigy but changed my mind completely and then my eyes are relly on to the AP Avanti 5. I'm being offered for a used pair in like new condition for $8k (really looks new). Anyone has recommendation for this speakers what is its strength vs weaknesses. I'd appreciate if you guys share some thoughts.

I am a huge fan of the Audio Physic line. I once owned a pair of ML Quests and have heard the Prodigy and they are great speakers but I definitely prefer the Audio Physic speakers. I have never heard the Avanti but I have heard the Scorpios many, many times and have heard a few other models including the Caldera, and all of the upper end AP speakers share the same strengths. Those strengths are imaging and soundstage, simply stunning and the very best I have ever heard regardless of speaker type. Cohesiveness is also another strength of the AP line. They sound very integragted between the lows, mids, and highs, very seamless which I find even the newest ML hybrids just can't compare. I still hear a little discontinuity between the dynamic woofer and the electrostatic panel of the ML hybrids. They have gotten much better with this over the years, but to my ears it's still there. Weaknesses of the AP line. Well, despite their diminutive size the upper end models really prefer a large room to operate in. This is due to the fact that they really need to be well, well away from all room boundaries to get the very best performance from them, more so than almost all other speakers, and space farther apart from each other then almost any other conventional multi-driver dynamic loudspeakers. Performance wise they are maybe not the last wood in dynamics, although they are quite good in this respect and this improves the farther up the line you go.
I'm also a fan of AP speakers. I'm an apartment rat with CJ tube gear and AP Yara Superior II speakers. I have the upgrade itch for Tempo or Scorpio 25s. My question: is my 12X10 room too small for these speakers. There's not a lot of room to move them away from walls or else they'll be on top of me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Hi, I think your room should be ok, although someone recommend to have larger room to make it sings. I got the speakers already yesterday. it sounds so good, deep tight bass with romantic life like highs. Soundstage is really excellent, eventhough I haven't set them up properly, just put them right away as I was eager to hear what they are capable of. They are really my favorite right now.
i have had ap speakers for 15 years and now have the virgo 25's,absolutley incredible sounding using vac phi 200 amp.the bad is the amount of breakin time needed to hear them,200 hours and more.i am using a 14 by 24 foot room and it fills it up to the max
If you can get the Caldera (I or II) there is no need to
look further. Those are the best speakers ever produced
by Audio Physic. In Europe they are an onbelievable bergain
(+/-4000 Euro). If you can get those bellow 10 K in the USA
you will be 100% happy.