audio phyics vigro help....

i am looking at a pair of virgo's and need to know if they will work in a shoebox style room ( 13 x 24 dedicated room ).

they will be placed on the short wall and not the long wall...

will this work out ?

thank you,

Sure they will work. However if you could get them on the long wall the soundsage would become much more three D. Placement of these speakers require much tweeking.... but the results are worth the effort. The further out into the room the more they open up.
I had Virgos in a similar sized get the best out of AP speakers in general I think it is wise to follow the AP suggested placement (see the web site)...the listeners and the speakers are on an elipse....with the speakers aimed directly at the listener's head. In your room place along the short wall, the speaker fronts might be 8 ft apart, but the listener would be maybe 7 feet from the line joining the practice this is hard to set up ... I also had a lot of trouble if the speakers were anywhere near the corners. I agree with Bozo...that placement works better, because the speaker is not close to any room boundary....I ended up selling the Virgos because I could not get the furniture and the speakers set up optimally at the same time. They are fantastic speakers (especially at the prices you see on AG these days), but like all speakers, need to be set up properly to bring out their best. But, not their 'best' is still pretty darn good...
would anyone know if any of the virgos are biwireable ?

regarding positioning... my concern is how close they will be from the side wall (20" to 30") and that would allow (80" to 90") in between. and i can sit any distance from them.

i have a shoebox shaped room and have to set them up on the short wall.

thank you for your help..
The original Virgos are bi-wireable; however, later models are not.
an AP dealer told me that if you need to place them along a short wall in a rectangular room, you'll get better imaging if you reverse the L and R speakers...