Audio photo gallery for A-gon members

Over the past 5 months, while I have been unemployed, I have been assembling a collection of photos of classic and contemporary audio equipment. With the holidays coming, and the threat of war around the corner, it seems like a good time to share this photo collection with other Audiogon members.

The Web site where the photos are posted is not really ideal for this purpose, but due to legal and commercial considerations, Audiogon was unable to play host. Therefore, if you decide to access the photo site, please bear the following points in mind:
1. The photos are posted solely for your enjoyment as an audio hobbyist, and may NOT be used for commercial purposes.
2. There are no restrictions when accessing this collection -- guests have the same ability to add or delete photos as I do. Therefore, PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO DELETE PHOTOS FROM THE COLLECTION. Please leave everything intact for others to enjoy.
3. If you own a piece of classic or high-end audio gear that is not represented in the photo collection, you are free to post a picture for others to see. You may either add the photo yourself, or send it to me and I will insert the photo.

To see the photo collection, follow these instructions:
1. Go to:
2. To sign in, use the following name and password:
User name: Sdcampbell (my Audiogon member name)
Password: audiobuff
3. Once you gain access to the photo site, there are actually three separate sets of photos: "Weird, wonderful, and classic speakers" (11 pages); "Exquisite Electronica" (22 pages); and "Turntables and Analog Goodies" (9 pages). Choose the specific set of photos you want to see. You can changes sections at any time.
4. When you get to the photo section you have selected, note that there are a number of pages. You must drill down through the pages to see everything (the pages are numbered in reverse order, with the most recently posted photos first).

The photo collection is strictly intended for enjoyment, so feel free to tell others about the site.

Best regards to all,

Scott Campbell
Interesting site Scott. You have a lot of trust giving the Audiogon Community your login and password. I am not sure if I would be that trusting. Maybe I will take some pics of my gear with my digital camera and upload them.

I know it's a little early but happy birthday Scott.
Very cool designs out there. I've noticed you are into "shiny" tube gear. So am I. My fav' looking design would have to be the Thor Audio stuff. I guess the designer is a hockey fan (big puck design).